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We are a solicitor led resource now operating fully online and have been working in mediation since 1999.

Our extensive experience can help you to resolve your problems quickly, cost effectively and amicably.


All parties can engage in constructive discussion at an early stage.



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Covid-19 and Mediation

Due to the current situation and in conjunction with recent Government guidelines regarding Covid-19, Wynn Mediation is only able to offer online mediation meetings.

This is however a very effective and often preferred medium of mediation.

This is how it works:
You will make your initial contact by telephone 01702 341 241
Or email enquiries@wynnmediation.com


The first meeting is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and takes up to one hour. This can be conducted one of three ways.

• Whatsapp • Zoom • Telephone

This initial and informative meeting costs £95 (No VAT) per party and is paid in advance when the appointment date is agreed with you.


This is where both parties will be offered a joint meeting to discuss their situation together with the mediator to resolve the issue as quickly and amicably as possible, this meeting will last up to 90 minutes and can only be conducted in two ways.

• Whatsapp • Zoom

About us

Due to recent changes in government thinking, family mediation is becoming the preferred way of resolving disputes. As it is a legally privileged process, anything said in mediation cannot be disclosed in court unless both parties agree.

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what is mediation about?

Agreeing arrangements for the children or how you will divide money or property if your relationship has ended can be very hard.

Sometimes, it is just too hard to do by yourself.

Feelings can get in the way and discussions about practical things get lost in the hurt and anger. And when you do manage to discuss them, most people are feeling less reasonable and less fair than usual. Many people find it useful to get some help.

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So How Does This Work?

One option is to meet together with your ex and a mediator, who has been properly trained to help you put your feelings aside and focus on the practical issues that need to be sorted out.
The mediator won’t take sides or decide what is fair for you – they are simply there to help your discussions.
Mediators don’t give you legal advice, so it is usually wise to see a solicitor too.
You can use family mediation straight away after deciding to end your relationship or later if you are still having problems.
Other people choose to get a family solicitor to negotiate with their ex for them. Some people can’t agree even with help and take the issue to court so that the court can decide.

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why do i have to use mediation?

Nobody has to use mediation. However, if you want to go to court over a family problem (like how to divide money or property after splitting up or where the children should live, for example) you have to show the court that you have met with a mediator first and considered mediation.

This is because the government thinks it is usually better that you decide these things between yourselves if you can, rather than the court telling everyone what to do. This first meeting is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (or MIAM) and costs £95.00 (No VAT)

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