Mediation Supervision

I have been supervising family mediators since 2003 and I am compliant with the LAA regulations to offer supervision as an external supervisor to other mediators.
They may be starting out in their career as a mediator or may have been accredited for many years and requiring ongoing support and supervision in their individual practice.
This is my current PPC contract which I send out to clients who wish  me to supervise them. I have not updated it yet to take into account any changes that come in in January 2015 but I believe the basic supervision requirements remain the same.

Professional Practice Consultancy (PPC) Contract for Family Mediation
Under the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and in line with the Legal Services Commission (Quality Mark) re FMA
As a PPC I confirm that I am registered with the FMC as an approved PPC and am able to supervise mediators from all the FMC approved training bodies.
I became an accredited mediator and PPC with NFM in 2003 and became a member of FMA in 2005. I maintain my own supervisory input and have regularly mediated private and publicly funded cases, maintaining my CPD at over 15 hours per year.

If you are undertaking publicly funded mediations, you should arrange for me to meet you quarterly for 1 hour’s minimum duration and I shall need to review three files per quarter. A yearly appraisal will need to be compiled and I shall need to review client/referrer feedback annually. I may also provide some group supervision in lieu of one to one work to a maximum of 50% of PPC hours.

If you are not undertaking publicly funded mediations then I will need to meet you for one hour six monthly and you should contact me to arrange this.

If you are developing the FMC portfolio, with a view to gaining LSC recognition or full FMC accreditation I shall need to see you on at least three separate occasions regarding this, in addition to normal supervision requirements. Normal minimum PPC oversight for mediators is four hours per year face to face (wholly one to one or mixed with group supervision).

Non-accredited mediators need to send me draft copies of their first final summaries to clients for approval before they are given to clients. Accreditation is something you will need to be working towards in order to to be in actual mediation practice. If you intend to sign up to the Preparation to Practice Route (enabling you to co-work publicly funded cases with an LAA Recognised mediator – to gain sufficient cases for the FMC  Portfolio) I shall need to meet with you to assess this and will need to review any work done with co-mediators.

All work is charged at £100 plus VAT per hour, including one to one meetings, reading documents, providing comment and dealing with phone call and e-mails. Phone calls up to five minutes duration are not charged. Any group supervision is charged at £60 per hour. Any necessary travel expenses incurred by me will be charged at 45p per mile or 2nd class rail fare.

It is my aim to be supportive, challenging and enabling and to provide feedback within seven days of any meeting. I am also able to award up to five Category B CPD points on behalf of the FMC in any given year. It should be noted that I take no responsibility for mediation practice you actually undertake. All work will be treated confidentially excepting significant harm issues.

I am a “processor” of personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. You consent to my processing your personal data for the purposes of the PPC Contract. You understand that this includes my retention and storing of your personal data for as long as is necessary in connection with this contract. I may retain data for research and statistical purposes but on the understanding that if used it has been stripped of all features from which you could be personally identified.
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